The Science Integrity Project (SIP) was created in response to growing concerns that many public policy decisions made in Canada — and in its cities, provinces and territories — are not consistently supported by solid information derived from the best available evidence — from science and indigenous knowledge.

The Science Integrity Project – a national initiative involving 75 leaders in science and policy across Canada – has released the Statement of Principles for Sound Decision-Making in Canada to make evidence-based decision-making a high priority for government at all levels. The goal of the Science Integrity Project: to influence a national conversation on the role that evidence should play in public policy development and decision-making.

The Forum and its Executive Director, Deirdre Laframboise, have been involved as one of the 75 original participants, and Deirdre is also a member of the SIP Implementation Committee.

The Science Integrity Project - Statement of Principles

To learn more about the Science Integrity Project and its Statement of Principles, visit their webpage. Cheap Lima car rental