Canadian Forest Products: Contributing to Climate Change Solutions

Canada’s vast renewable forests – 10% of the world total – absorb tremendous amounts of greenhouse gases to the tremendous benefit of the entire planet. This role of sequestering or absorbing carbon continues in forest products, from traditional paper and lumber to new innovative products from car parts to green chemicals that can replace materials with a heavier carbon footprint. At the same time no other industry in Canada has done more to reduce its environmental footprint – for example pulp and paper mills have cut their greenhouse gas emissions by 65% since 1990.

On the Road to Paris Webinar Event

Date: November 19, 2015
Time: 1:00-4:00PM (EST)

In partnership with Forest Products Association of Canada and the Canadian Wood Council, we invite you to tune in to our live webcast of the On the Road to Paris Climate Change event. Join as we discuss what Canada’s forest industry is doing to mitigate and adapt to climate change as the world moves to a low carbon economy.The Forum has authored an independent issue paper on the role that the forest products industry plays in climate change.  The author of this paper will be one of the guest panelists at the event. The issue paper will be available free at the event, and also from both FPAC’s and the Forum’s websites.


  • Dr. Steve Colombo, representative of the Canadian Climate Forum
  • Michael Green, architect and advocate for taller wood frame buildings
  • Tim Gray, environmentalist representing the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement


  • Catherine Clark, journalist and communications consultant
Please RSVP online by November 12.