About Us

Canadian Climate Forum

The mission of the Canadian Climate Forum (CCF) is to broker, disseminate, and apply best evidence-based climate knowledge to advance decision making for a safer, more resilient, and sustainable Canada.

We area a national, non-partisan, registered charity based in Ottawa with a Canadian focus.

A Distinguished Past:

Between 2000 – 2013, the federal governments under Prime Ministers Jean Chretien and Paul Martin, endowed the Canadian Climate Forum (formerly the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences – CFCAS), with a total of $110 million to fund ground-breaking scientific climate change research across Canada. A portion of these funds were also wisely invested which allowed CFCAS to increase the total grant distribution to over $118 million investing in over 160 projects and initiatives across Canada. Some of these projects and initiatives included:

CANDAC – Network for Detection of Atmospheric Change

CGC3M – Canadian Global Coupled Carbon Climate Model

CLIVAR – Climate Variability: Causes and Predictability

CONCEPTS – Operational Network of Coupled Environmental Prediction Systems

C-SPARC – Stratospheric Processes and their Role in Climate

DRI – Drought Research Initiative

GOAPP – Global Ocean-Atmosphere Prediction and Predictability Network

STAR – Storm Studies in the Arctic

In 2012, CFCAS Directors re-approached the federal government, under then Prime Minister Stephen Harper, for a renewal of endowment funding however this request was denied. While a sad day for climate science research, the CFCAS board made a bold decision to continue on in a new role and the Canadian Climate Forum was formed. This new mandate saw CFCAS transition from a national granting agency to one focused on integrated knowledge mobilization to address a major gap on the Canadian landscape at the science to policy interface. Today, we focus on ensuring the best climate science is getting applied to the best solutions to a rapidly changing climate.

Since 2013, CCF has transitioned to focus on the science-policy interface to drive evidence-based policies and decisions. CCF has utilized its vast network of scientific expertise to act as a knowledge broker between researchers and policy makers by hosting symposia and releasing issue papers on topics such as extreme weather and food security in a changing climate.

In 2018, CCF began a new partnership with Evidence for Democracy (E4D) to expand on the two organizations’ joint interests in improving how scientific information is used in decision-making and to leverage E4D’s experience in the federal policy process.


For general inquiries, please contact info@climateforum.ca.