About Us

Canadian Climate Forum



To broker, disseminate, and apply best evidence-based climate knowledge to advance decision making for a safer, more resilient, and sustainable Canada.

We are:

  • National. Non-partisan. Independent. Not-for-Profit. Registered charity.
  • Membership and Partnership Based.
  • Canadian Focused with International Linkages.
  • Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

A Distinguished Past:

Between 2000 – 2013, the federal governments under Prime Ministers Jean Chretien and Paul Martin, endowed the Canadian Climate Forum (formerly the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences – CFCAS), with a total of $110 million to fund ground-breaking scientific climate change research across Canada. A portion of these funds were also wisely invested which allowed CFCAS to increase the total grant distribution to over $118 million investing in over 160 projects and initiatives across Canada. Some of these projects and initiatives included:


CANDAC – Network for Detection of Atmospheric Change

CGC3M – Canadian Global Coupled Carbon Climate Model

CLIVAR – Climate Variability: Causes and Predictability

CONCEPTS – Operational Network of Coupled Environmental Prediction Systems

C-SPARC – Stratospheric Processes and their Role in Climate

DRI – Drought Research Initiative

GOAPP – Global Ocean-Atmosphere Prediction and Predictability Network

STAR – Storm Studies in the Arctic


In 2012, CFCAS Directors re-approached the federal government, under then Prime Minister Steven Harper, for a renewal of endowment funding however this request was denied. While a sad day for climate science research, the CFCAS board made a bold decision to continue on in a new role and the Canadian Climate Forum was formed. This new mandate saw CFCAS transition from a national granting agency to one focused on integrated knowledge mobilization to address a major gap on the Canadian landscape at the science to policy interface. Today, we focus on ensuring the best climate science is getting applied to the best solutions to a rapidly changing climate.

Since 2013, we have worked diligently to redefine our value proposition, reconnect with and expand our membership, recruit highly qualified Board members, hire staff, and deliver multiple events and publications. We also have dedicated a great deal of time to forming and strengthening relationships with strategic partners, national associations, and multiple levels of government. We firmly believe collaboration and integration is the best path forward to solving the climate change crisis. The Forum is committed to play a role to help meet the challenge that ultimately results in a safer, more sustainable, and healthier Canada for all.

We do all of this on limited resources with a small staff and a working Board of Directors. Your support is greatly appreciated and we invite you to:




For general inquiries, please contact info@climateforum.ca.