Melting Ice - Arctic

Climate Change in the Canadian Arctic  (2 minute video)
Poles in Peril (12 minute video)
Yukon Snow Survey and Water Supply Forecast (May 2016)
Nunavut Climate Change Centre

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather - Tornado

IPCC Report on Extreme Weather Events – Findings for Canada. A briefing with Canadian report authors Gordon McBean, Francis Zwiers, Xuebin Zhang and Paul Kovacs
Prairie Climate Centre – An interactive online tool to map the dramatic changes projected to occur to the climate on the Canadian Prairies.


Endless field

Canadian Prairies Drought  (2 minute video)


Issue Paper The Impact of Climate Change on Canadian Municipalities and Infrastructure
Issue Paper Northern Reflections: Climate Change and Infrastructure in Canada’s North

 Air Quality


The Air We Breathe (9 minute video)

Marine Environmental Protection

Marine Environment

Adaptation Pathways 1.0 – A guide for navigating sea-level rise in the built environment

Natural Resources Canada Report – Canada’s Marine Coasts in a Changing Climate


Climate Change

Food Security

Photo of a wheat field

Feeding 9 Billion – Introducing Solutions to the Global Food Crisis (12 minute video)