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Issue Papers

Spring 2016 Canada’s Urban Forests in a Changing Climate
Winter 2015 Northern Reflections: Climate Change and Infrastructure in Canada’s North
Fall 2015 Canadian Forest Products: Contributing to Climate Change Solutions
Spring 2015 The Impact of Climate on Canadian Municipalities and Infrastructure
Fall 2014 Forecasting a Sea of Change: Lessons from Atlantic Canada

Op-Eds & Other Media

Forum/Arctic 21/Florida Atlantic University: A continental plan to fight climate change
Forum/Arctic 21: Obama/Trudeau Summit – Focus on the Arctic

The Forum Featured in the News

CBC’s Northbeat: CCF Director Russel Shearer discusses the Obama/Trudeau summit and implications for the Arctic

Reports and Briefs

August 2016 – Submission for Consideration – House of Commons Finance Committee

The Canadian Climate Forum submitted a proposal to assist the federal government in its mandate to ensure Canada is a climate resilient nation with safe and prosperous communities. The two areas identified where the Forum suggested we can offer our services are by providing climate science expertise and engaging the business community.

Read the full submission here.

February 2016 – Submission for Consideration – Finance Canada

Following over fifteen meetings with senior-level bureaucrats, the Forum submitted a proposal to Finance Canada to fund a new multidisciplinary, multi-stakeholder initiative whose primary objective is “to mobilize and apply knowledge at the science-to-policy interface to generate policy options that directly address the climate challenge that Canada — and all countries — face.”

The Forum was invited to present this concept, the Canadian Climate Council, to the Standing Committee on Finance on Tuesday, February 16th, 2016.

Read the proposal here.