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Title: The Unraveling of the Arctic: Glaciers

Dr. Martin SharpDr. Martin Sharp, Professor, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alberta

Dr. Sharp provides an overview of the effect of climate change on glaciers, and the global implications of these changes, based on data from over 50 years of scientific research in the Arctic.




Title: Permafrost and the Unraveling of the Arctic Part 1

Title: Permafrost and the Unraveling of the Arctic Part 2

Toni Lewkowicz Photo Dr. Antoni Lewkowicz, President, International Permafrost Association; Dean, Faculty of Arts, Department of Geography, University of Ottawa

Dr. Lewkowicz first provides the essentials on permafrost; he then describes how the changing climate in the arctic is in turn changing permafrost, perhaps irreversibly?


Sea Ice

Title: The Unraveling of the Arctic Ocean

Bruno Tremblay PhotoDr. Bruno Tremblay, Associate Professor, Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences, University of McGill

Dr. Tremblay describes the current state of sea ice in the Arctic, why these changes are occurring, and the impacts of the changes. He also explores the possibility of the restoration of sea ice levels.



Title: Climate Change and Arctic Biodiversity

Risa Smith PhotoDr. Risa Smith, International Chair of CAFF (Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna working group of the Arctic Council).

Dr. Smith presents an overview of 4 key issues affecting biodiversity in the Arctic based on the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment done by CAFF: primary production, the expansion northward of southern species, sea ice associated species and migratory species.


Black Carbon

Title: Enhanced Black Carbon and Methane Emissions Reductions: An Arctic Council Framework for Action

Erika Rosenthal PhotoMs. Erika Rosenthal, Staff Attorney, International Program, Earthjustice; Contributor to the Arctic Black Carbon Framework

Ms. Rosenthal shared a story about how the ‘Enhanced Black Carbon and Methane Emissions Reductions: An Arctic Council Framework for Action’ came to be; she described the path forward following the signing of the framework by the 8 Arctic Council member nations, in collaboration with the leaders of the Permanent Participants on April 24th at the Arctic Council’s Ministerial meeting on April 24th Iqaluit, Nunavut’.


Indigenous perspective

Title: The Inuit Climate Change Bind: The Double Burden of Impacts and Campaigns

Terry Audla PhotoMr. Terry Audla, President, Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK)

Mr. Audla presented an overview of the impact of human induced climate change on Inuit people, and Inuit actions to adapt to and call for global action to mitigate the impacts of climate change. He also described the bind and burden of Arctic and environmental campaigns for Inuit people.