Member Benefits – All Categories

All registered members of the Forum receive the following benefits:

  1. A voice in the Forum’s future goals and objectives (AGM)
  2. Free Forum publications, i.e. our Issue Papers, newsletter, e-mail, and social media
  3. Invitations and discounts to select Forum events and webinars
  4. Opportunities to contribute to important round table discussions and strategies
  5. First to receive notices, invitations, fee for service offerings

Benefits for Scientists/Researchers

Our climate scientists and researchers are vital to our mission and our ability to deliver high quality products and services.

Additional benefits are offered to our members identified as scientists and researchers, including:

  1. A voice in the selection of annual themes and areas of focus including the annual Symposium, special events, and the Forum’s publications

Opportunities to:

  1. Publish relevant climate change work on the Forum’s website
  2. Author a Forum document such as an Issue Paper. These Papers are distributed across the Forum’s network (and typically our partners’ networks)
  3. Collaborate with the Forum on projects, and fee for service contracts and more

Individual Category

Fee ($)

Climate Scientist / Researcher (#1-9, above)
Not-for-Profit Organization (#1-5)
General Public (#1-5)
Student or Retiree (#1-5)

We encourage all those interested in contributing to our body of work to join as a member, and contact us at: