WHEN: Symposium 2015 Day 1 (November 12) – 4:00-5:00PM

WHERE: Governor General’s Ballroom, Westin Hotel, Ottawa

COST: Included with Symposium 2015 registration

The Hill Times Policy Briefing Live! Climate Change


On November 12, The Hill Times Events | Policy Briefing Live will examine the politics of Canada’s policy on Climate Change. Climate Change is a shared responsibility between the provinces and the federal government and Canada is an active participant at the COP21 meetings in Paris in December. Will Canada’s policy be changing as a result of mounting global pressure? Will the results of our federal election impact Canada’s policy on Climate Change? How do politics play into Canada’s policy? Join us as we assemble a provocative panel of experts and pundits to discuss Canada’s future policy on Climate Change.


  • A position statement by the International Development Research Centre
  • Hon. Glen Murray, Ontario Minister of Environment and Climate Change
  • Hon. Elizabeth May, MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands and Leader of the Green Party of Canada
  • Dr. Thomas Pedersen, Chair of the Canadian Climate Forum
  • Hon. Sergio Marchi, President of the Canadian Electricity Association


  • Catherine Clark, Journalist and Communications Consultant