The Big Picture

Merran Smith, Executive Director, Clean Energy Canada

Summary: The promise of Canada’s clean tech opportunity

Ian Parry, Principal Environmental Fiscal Policy Expert, Fiscal Affairs Department, International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Summary: The case for, and design of, carbon and broader energy pricing policies

Stewart Elgie, Founder and Chair, Sustainable Prosperity / Professor, Law and Economics, University of Ottawa

Summary: Accelerating Clean Innovation: Climate responsibility meets economic opportunity

What Does Advanced Economy Look Like in the Post Hydrocarbon Economy?

Andrée-Lise Méthot, Founder and Managing Partner, Cycle Capital Management

Summary: Presentation

Built Environments, Energy Efficiency and Health

Jay Nordenstrom, Executive Director, NAIMA

Summary: Passively aggressive

Elizabeth McDonald, President and CEO, Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance

Summary: Tapping the vast potential to integrate efficiency and renewable energy into our buildings

Gregory Richardson, Policy Analyst, Climate Change and Innovation, Health Canada

Summary: Measures needed to reduce health impacts related to climate change, from buildings to infrastructure, and land use management

Patricia Fuller, Director General, Energy Efficiency, Natural Resources Canada

Summary: Contributing to Canada’s climate change goals through energy efficiency in the built environment

Transportation and Low Carbon Fuels

Cara Clairman, President and CEO, Plug’nDrive

Summary: Catching the EV wave – current status, growth projections and overcoming barriers to development

Dr. Aaron Hoskin, Senior Technical Advisor / Acting Chief Policy, Transportation and Alternative Fuels, Natural Resources Canada

Summary: The federal government’s approach to low carbon transportation now and in the future

Jennifer Green, Executive Director, Canadian Biogas Association

Summary: How renewable natural gas (RNG) can lower GHG emissions from the challenging heavy duty vehicle sector

Andrea Kent, President, Renewable Industries Canada

Summary: The future of biofuels and their potential role in our transition to a low carbon economy

Banquet Dinner with Keynote

Dr. Mark Jaccard, Energy Economist / Professor, Sustainable Energy, Simon Fraser University

Summary: Can our Canadian government achieve its Paris commitment … and get re-elected?

Mobilizing Canadians

David Herle, Principal Partner, Gandalf Group

Summary: What are the motivations to change, and the barriers to change?

Lisa DeMarco, Senior Partner, DeMarco Allan LLP

Summary: How far and how fast can we move Canadians to a low-carbon economy?

Janice Ashworth, Operations Manager, Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative

Summary: Engaging the community through cooperative renewable energy ownership, and overcoming opposition

Improving Sustainability in the Electricity Sector

Dr. Andrew Rowe, Project Leader “The 2060 Project: Energy Pathways for British Columbia and Canada” / Professor, University of Victoria

Summary: How investments in East-West grid connections will assist in lowering GHG emissions from electricity generation

Honourable Sergio Marchi, President and CEO, Canadian Electricity Association

Summary: Preparing for the future: the challenges and opportunities for clean energy to drive the green economy 

Dr. Neil Freeman, Vice-President, Business Development and Corporate Relations, Horizon Utilities

Summary: A look at one utility’s progress in implementing sustainability improvements

John A. Gorman, President and CEO, Canadian Solar Industries Association

Summary: Prosumers: How consumer demand is changing the way we generate and manage electricity in a carbon constrained world

Innovations and Partnerships

Dr. John Barrett, President, Canadian Nuclear Association

Summary: Nuclear energy’s contribution to sustainable development focusing on energy supply, security and climate change mitigation

Dr. Julie Sunday, Director General, Policy and Planning, Clean Innovation Task Team, Natural Resources Canada

Summary: How government is engaging stakeholders across the natural resource sectors and leverages partnerships to advance innovation and clean technology

Arlene Strom, Vice-President, Sustainability and Communications, Suncor Energy Inc.

Summary: How innovative processes and collaboration can lead to solutions

Northern Energy Issues

Paul Crowley, Director, WWF-Canada’s Arctic Program

Summary: WWF-Canada’s 5-year plan to demonstrate that habitat-friendly renewable energy is possible in remote Arctic communities

Gwen Holdmann, Director, Alaska Center for Energy and Power

Summary: Alaska’s experience in developing renewable power systems for over 70 remote communities over the past 15 years – lessons learned and best practices

Nicolas Séguin, Business Development, Tugliq Energie Co.

Summary: Greening Northern energy, one mine and one community at a time: highlights from Nunavik’s RAGLAN Mine’s wind energy flagship, and applicability to Nunavut communities

Sheldon Nimchuk, Director of Project Development and Partnerships, Qikiqtaaluk Corporation

Summary: Community Legacy – Indigenous ownership of clean energy projects – The need for fair, transparent and inclusive power purchase agreements

From Policy to Market Transformations: Advancing Renewable Natural Gas in Canada

Frank Des Rosiers, Assistant Deputy Minister, Innovation and Energy Technology, Natural Resources Canada

Summary: Federal government clean technology innovation support related to natural gas

Stéphanie Trudeau, Vice-President, Strategy, Communication and Sustainability, Gaz Métro

Summary: Renewable natural gas (RNG) and Québec’s new energy policy framework, including some successful case studies

Malini Giridhar, Vice-President, Market Development, Public and Government Affairs, Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.

Summary: A comparative analysis of the economics of various low carbon fuels and the associated technologies, policy options, and first steps taken in Ontario


Dr. Susan Wood-Bohm, Executive Director, Biological GHG Management Program, Alberta Innovates – BIO Solutions / Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation

Summary: Exploring the opportunities for bioenergy in supporting Canada’s energy supply of the future