Welcome to the Canadian Climate Forum

Canadian Climate Forum (CCF) aims to broker, disseminate and apply evidence-based climate knowledge to advance decision-making for a more sustainable Canada.

The Canadian Climate Forum (the Forum) works collaboratively across sectors to foster the best practices and policies related to the management of climate change. We are the only national, independent agent in Canada that crosses all jurisdictions, addressing all aspects of climate change from ecology and science, social, health, and the economy.

Calling upon our extensive network of highly qualified experts and partners, we help others to understand, and in turn, apply evidence-based climate science to produce best adaptation and/or mitigation practices and policies.

CCF has a distinguished past forming out of the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences (CFCAS). From 2000-2013, CFCAS was Canada’s leading climate change research granting organization.

Since 2013, CCF has transitioned to focus on the science-policy interface to drive evidence-based policies and decisions. CCF has utilized its vast network of scientific expertise to act as a knowledge broker between researchers and policy makers by hosting symposia and releasing issue papers on topics such as extreme weather and food security in a changing climate.

In 2018, CCF began a new partnership with Evidence for Democracy (E4D) to expand on the two organizations’ joint interests in improving how scientific information is used in decision-making and to leverage E4D’s experience in the federal policy process.